Welcome to the website of the POSAS: the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale.

This site has been developed for everyone who is interested in using the POSAS for scar evaluation. Nowadays the POSAS is used worldwide and it has been translated in many languages. If you wonder if it has been translated into your language you can send a request through the contact link. The POSAS is free to use for non-commercial purposes but we request a remuneration for commercial use in order to maintain the POSAS website and continue the development of the POSAS.

The POSAS aims to measure scar quality. It is a comprehensive scale that is designed for the evaluation of all types of scars by professionals and patients. The Patient Scale gives the POSAS an important extra dimension because the patient’s opinion is mandatory for a complete scar evaluation.

The first publication on the POSAS (Version 1.0) was in 2004 (Draaijers et al.). Since many clinimetric studies have been published that underpin the use of the POSAS for subjective scar evaluation. Our group published POSAS version 2.0 in 2005 (Van de Kar et al.). But knowledge and science are continuously evolving. At this moment further improvement of the POSAS is mandatory. Therefore ‘POSAS 3.0 project’ was initiated on May 1st 2017.

This POSAS 3.0 project will start in Great Britain, Australia, The United States, China, Belgium and The Netherlands. Clinicians, users, developers, methodologists, and most importantly the patients, will be involved in this project. Translations to other languages will be undertaken soon after the critical appraisal of the English, Chinese and Dutch version.

We welcome you all to share your experiences with us to help us improve the POSAS. This can be done by using the contact link at this website. To continue to develop our database of references and to assist others, we would be grateful if you email a copy of your accepted publications to this email address also.

Paul van Zuijlen M.D. Ph.D.
for the POSAS group